There are many different ways to lose weight.
You can count calories, or follow instructions on what and how much you can eat, in the form of tablespoons or handfuls.
Common is that you have to consume less than you burn – thus you are in calorie deficit.
Research shows that if we ensure a stable blood sugar with food intake, the possibility of overeating is less than if you starve throughout the day.
We give you a diet plan and the path to weight loss. You will receive recipes and precise instructions on how much to eat for each meal.

At TabDigLet we find the way that suits you best. We set a goal and assess which method is best for you.
Are you impatient and want a faster weight loss but with strict rules or do you have time to lose weight slowly with more flexible rules.
All ways are good, we just have to find the one that suits you best – so you achieve lasting weight loss!

We offer different courses. Together we do what suits you best. We can tailor the perfect course for you.

TabDigLet offers the following:
One to One course.
Group Course 8 weeks.
Online course.

One To One Course:
With a “One to One course”, you are sure of a course where you meet physically with your dietician. You have the opportunity to work on your lifestyle change, your weight loss and certainly reach your goal. Should you want training, you will also have the opportunity to be coached along the way with physical training with your trainer.
You will be weighed, measured and guided all the way. You have sparring and will get good diet plans and advice for safe weight loss.
This is a super good way to be held in the hand all the way until we reach your goal.

  • You will become stronger and strengthen your body as well as build muscle.
  • You will receive more than 150 recipes for your diet plan.
  • Your weight will drop. The body is tightened up.
  • You can write 24/7 and will get an answer within 24 hours.
  • Your posture will be nicer.


Group Course 8 weeks.
When you sign up for the weight loss course of 8 weeks, you will undergo a major change around diet intake and gain a much greater knowledge about what the right diet does to your body.

For 8 weeks, you will receive recipes and be weighed and measured once a week by your dietitian. You will be guided through what to eat and what to avoid.

You will be part of a group of like-minded people who also want to lose weight and you will have your own forum on FB, where recipes are posted, important information comes and where you can continuously communicate even bad or challenging days.

We do NOT count kcal per day, but everything is in an easy and accessible way via specific tablespoonful amounts and ongoing intake of food will be regulated if the portions become too large. If there are special days / weeks, we can calculate Kcal for you, which you can use there.
It is your own motivation and desire to lose weight that makes the big difference.

We help and give good advice, look at your weight and make the calculations so you can see the good result.
We use both weights and measuring tapes.

Online course.
Do you dream of losing weight or just feeling better by looking in the mirror?
Then online courses can be something for you.
You will receive personal dietary guidance and together we will find the path that suits you. You will have weekly conversations with your dietician via video link as well as get (should you wish) an exercise program for the home training.

  • Get control of your diet.
  • Learn about what your body likes.
  • Learn about healthy and nutritious food.
  • Release your sugar cravings
  • Have your dietitian close to you.
  • Get more than 150 recipes that you can use.
  • Get stronger with exercise programs that you can do at home. They are made for your level

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